Cashable bonuses

Cashable is the most simple and common bonus type – was. Due to the growing number of bonus abusers, a lot of casinos switch to other, not so favourable bonus systems.
Upon deposit, we get the bonus automatically, so we can bet with the bonus as well. To withdraw the bonus, we have to fulfil the wagering requirements, set by the casino. We can withdraw whenever we want, but we lose the bonus. After wagering is done, we can withdraw any amount. Wagering requirements are usually set as a multiple of the bonus. A 20x wager on a $100 bonus means we have to bet $2000 before withdrawal.

When playing a cashable bonus, the most important is to chose the game with the lowest house edge possible. Our major goal is to keep the as high part of the bonus as possible. So, the lowest house edge is our friend. To reduce variance, it is better to keep our bets low, we can even play with the lowest bet possible, which is usually $1, but this results in more time invested. To reduce time, we can use higher bets, but it increases the risk of busting before the wagering is finished.

Let’s see some figures about the most popular casino games:

Game House Edge Standard Deviation Expected Value of $100 bonus, with a 20x wagering
Single Deck Blackjack ~0.1% 1.17 $98
Standard Blackjack ~0.5% 1.16 $91
Video Poker: Jacks or Better 0.46% 1.46 – 4.42 $91
3-Card Poker: Ante & Play 2.01% 1.64 $60
Casino War 2.68% 1.05 $46
Red Dog 2.67% 1.6 $46
Pai Gow Poker ~2.7% 0.75 $45

There you can see, that the best choice is definitely Blackjack to wager a cashable bonus. This game has the lowest house edge, with moderate variance.

Always read through the Terms & Conditions page. Here you can find all the information about the bonus, as well as the list of games, which count towards the wagering requirements. Very possibly it is going to be a negative list, so they list, which games are not allowed to play during the wagering period. Usually these games not only not count towards the requirements, but are prohibited to play. It is a good idea to make a note about the games, and keep it near the computer. Those games, where a low risk bet is possible (like betting on both red and black on roulette) are almost always excluded from wagering. These games are Roulette, Baccarat, Sic Bo, and Craps. In some casinos Blackjack and Casino War is also excluded, but the rules vary from casino to casino, so keep it in mind: Always read the bonus T&C!

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